Woman’s Health 4 Healthy habits, that reduce the risk of serious diseases.

Woman’s Health. You may have already heard these tips. Did you know that through these four simple rules. Reduces the risk of some of the most common and chronic diseases by nearly 80%?

The study, conducted the analysis of health. Lifestyle and nutrition 23513 Germans aged 35 to 65 years, since 1990. The study showed that those who have healthy habits, the likelihood of cancer, diabetes and heart disease risk is much smaller.

The study has been analyzed the height and weight of each participant. History of the disease, the number of meals and the observance of the four rules during the eight-year study period:

  • Do not smoke;
  • A minimum of 3.5 hours per week physical exercise;
  • To maintain a body mass index below 30;
  • To follow a diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread, eat less meat.

The majority of the study participants adhered to at least one healthy habit. Only 9% of the participants followed all four rules.
Having considered the risk factors that could affect the development of diseases. The researchers came to the conclusion that those who followed all four rules. At risk 78% less. Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Compared to those who did not have any healthy habits.

The experts noted the reduction in the risk of the following diseases in compliance with all four rules:

  • 93% lower risk of type 2 diabetes;
  • 81% lower risk of heart attack;
  • 50% lower risk of stroke;
  • 36% lower risk of cancer.

The researchers say that it is important to accustom and get used to a healthy lifestyle from an early age. The following habits will help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. They are located in order from most to least important from the point of view of maintaining health and reducing the risk of disease, in accordance with this study.

    • Maintaining a healthy weight;
    • To stop Smoking;
    • A minimum of 3.5 hours per week physical exercise;
    • Healthy eating.